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Do you also like to be creative? Then you are in the right place. Get inspired.

Would you like to make a Piñata but don't know how, you've come to the right site. I have some samples and video clips for you to watch. My Homemade Pinata Bait!!

A party coming soon but there are not many party supplies on the theme you want! No problem make it yourself.. Do you have a printer? Make your own party decoration!!

Do you also like to be creative? Then you are in the right place. Get inspired.



Would you like to change your interior but you don't have a big budget! Making your own home decoration is easier than you think. Give furniture a new color with adhesive film or furniture. Make your house completely your own. Make your own home decoration!!

Do you also like plants? But may not know what the species of plant is called. Look at Plants and maybe your plant is there. You can also decorate your own Flower Pots, look here for some examples. Decorate your own Flower Pots!!


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Budget trackers for the folders

New in the webshop toys for the Piñata

New Pinata for sale

Diamond Ring Piñata fun for any party, bridal party and or a theme party where this Piñata fits well.

Or do you want to propose to someone in an original way, do it with this Piñata.

🌸Item Description🌸

  • Handmade
  • 65 cm length
  • 45 cm width
  • With confetti
  • without filling

Save clearly with a Thamula

Do you also find the videos of cash stuffing system interesting on YouTube?

The cash envelope system is a clear way of saving. Instead of jars, you have folders here in the ring binder. A different savings target on each folder.

Now also in the Netherlands these Thamula folder, Ring folder A6 format are available with a choice of different colors. And is completely personalized, with your own goals.

Do you also have savings goals? And do you want to build up a financial buffer? Save now with the Thamula Mapje

Sold out

Budget Faux Leather mapje Wit

Sold out

Budget Faux Leather mapje Wit


Budget Faux Leather mapje Wit


  • A6 ringmap met magnetische sluiting
  • Materiaal Faux Leather en roestvrij staal 
  • Afmeting map 18.7 cm lengte 13 cm breedte 
  • Vier kaartvakken 
  • Twee inschuifvakken
  • Twee Elastische Penhouder
  • Zeven gepersonaliseerd mapjes
  • Zeven budget trackers 

Thamula Faux Leather folder

🌸Item Description🌸

  • A6 ring binder with magnetic closure
  • Material Faux Leather and Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions folder 18.7 cm length 13 cm width
  • Four card slots
  • Two slide-in compartments
  • Two Elastic Pen Holder
  • Seven personalized zipper bags
  • Seven budget trackers

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