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Make your own home decoration!!

Go loose with adhesive foil1#

This sofa table is originally white, I glued adhesive foil on it, kind of wood pattern but you can use whatever you want.

You put the table completely flat on the couch. Take your desired adhesive foil and cut it to size. Stick the foil on the couch table, then take a Stanley knife and cut between the boards. Please be careful. also cuts crooked quickly so take your time and cut in the cracks of the strips. Somewhere on top of the photos I have cut crooked if you look closely you can see it.

Go loose with adhesive foil2# 

Above you can see a storage box that I happened to buy from IKEA. Less than 2 euros. Box is made of cardboard where you assemble the storage box with small screws. Instruction manual is in the package.


                This is the storage box in its original condition.

This is with a wood motif adhesive foil.


This is with wallpaper.


From IKEA shoe cabinet to a high table


From basket to a pendant tip !!

Above you see a normal basket here.

At the top of the lamp on the ceiling there was a hole and weird black smudges. And tried to hide with paint. The black spots remained translucent. I wanted to hide that and that's when I came up with this.

Honestly .... looks so much better

This is just a basket that I cut and painted and attached to the ceiling with hot glue.

These are those wicker baskets that I bought at the Big Bizaar.

Painted this basket white and cut a hole in the center.

Pasted on the ceiling.

Check here the video 

Make your boring white doors your own !!

Above and below. You see my kitchen door with wallpaper. First I cleaned the door, then I measured how and what with the wallpaper. Smeared wallpaper glue on the door and then glued the wallpaper on. You do have to fix the edges with tape or hot glue because even with wallpaper glue the edges will come off. Finally, put some gloss lacquer over it and bamm your boring white door is now what you came up with in the print. Find your inspiration.

Recycling tips #1

Here a simple tomato sauce bottle, see what you can do with it. Wool around it with glue

And bamm a vase

Recycling tips #2

Make a jewelry box from an empty magnum box


Recycling tips #3

Have you also collected a lot of toilet rolls, make a ottoman 



String Art

I got wood from a local hobby and construction shop. Did you know that they cut wood in the sizes you want?

Wood painted with white paint and then cut out template made of a heart.

Traced the shape on the wood, now you can start driving the nails into the wood.

Once you have nailed the shape you can start wrapping cotton rope around the nails, there are many ways and shapes.


Buttons on the pillow case 

Jute lampshade

Wollen lampenkap 

Gehaakte kussenhoes 

Decoration above the door

All grey

Go wild with wallpaper 1 # fan


This wallpaper is a bit heavy and because of too much glue and no patience to let it dry. Has the wallpaper been blown off.

Try it with tissue paper or other lighter options and let it dry well.

From a black desk lamp to a silver one