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Make your own party decoration!!

You can make your own party items for each theme, you can also buy it, but sometimes they don't have many items available in the searched theme. Then the printer is your best friend. You can easily print water bottle labels and so much more check the videos for some inspiration.

Minions Thema

Paw Patrol Thema

Paw patrol is a very nice theme because there is so much color.

There were plenty of party supplies from paw patrol available, and you also have a lot of free online party decorations to print out.

For example, you can download the masks at a nickolodeon site. Google to be sure. You can also print out, craft and use the patrol headquarters as a table center piece.

For this party I made a fire hydrant as a piñata. And a large dog house.

Minecraft Thema

Minecraft is also a very nice themed party. Above   in the first photo is a wall I decorated as a background of the party table. The letters have been printed out and that blue is wallpaper I had left, and the clouds are A4 printer paper. I found water labels via google and printed them out and stuck them on with hot glue (small dots).

I printed out a picture with name and age on the goodie bags and glued it on. Make sure you don't use hobby glue, it gets wet and ruins your picture. prefer a hot glue gun, which you can buy at the action.

I also made snacks in the theme unfortunately no picture of this.

Free party supplies

I have many party items on,, some used and some still in its packaging. Garlands, cups, plastic tablecloth etc. Maybe I can help someone with this.

party theme:

Winnie the Pooh
Woezel and Pip

Angry Birds

Paw Patrol

Mario Bross





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