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My Homemade Piñataaas!!

Piñatas for sale

Example product


Example product


This is an example product. It can't be used or ordered.

Make your Gender Reveal extra special with the Gender Reveal Piñata. On the sides of the Piñata, your guests can put their name on the Pink and or Blue romper. Nice interaction with guests and a nice keepsake.

The Piñata is a pull string Piñata. You don't need a stick for this, just pull the ribbons at the bottom of the Piñata.

🌸Item description 🌸

  • Handmade
  • 30cm length
  • 36 cm width
  • 22 cm high
  • With confetti
  • without filling

Does this Piñata match your party theme? Make your party extra special with this Cloud Piñata. Also possible for a Gender Reveal party. The Piñata is a pull string Piñata. You don't need a stick for this, just pull the ribbons at the bottom of the Piñata.

🌸Item description 🌸

  • Handmade
  • 45cm length
  • 40 cm width
  • 20 cm height
  • With confetti
  • without filling

A Piñata brings your themed party to the next level.

By this I mean it is the icing on the cake and always fun for young and old. Trust me

Nowadays you have a piñata available in all kinds of different shapes, cartoon characters, cartoon characters and objects. A piñata suits any party theme. Truly an eye-catcher. You can make it yourself or buy one. Your preference.

Below are a few videos you can watch.

I myself thought that they originally came from Curaçao. In the past at every children's party, not to mention my own parties, there was a Piñata present and I took over this tradition unquestioningly. Have you ever had a Piñata at your birthday party? If so then you just know what that is like. Magical really. The children waiting expectantly for you to smash the Piñata or pull the ribbons (pull string effect).

With their hands ready to grab candy, gifts or Whatever and sometimes you see lost adults standing among the kids.

Jaa the Piñata is broken the confetti in the air and on the ground, grabbing kids some argue fighting for the candy. It's fun. You just have to experience this once.


De piñata is a figure that you have made or bought. Paper mache.

Fill the piñata with

  • confetti
  • sweets
  • small gifts that match the party theme
    basically anything if it's not sharp or heavy


After the Piñata is filled you can hang it up. If that doesn't work or isn't possible.

Have someone stand on a kitchen step or ladder and hold the Piñata. Be careful not to hit the one when you try to smash the Piñata.

And if someone is holding the Piñata, it is nicer to make or buy a string Piñata so that you only have to pull the strings.

You pull or open the Piñata and a torrent of candies and confetti falls on the kids.

The kids try to collect as much candy as possible. And if you have also filled it with small gifts of your theme from your party. Do they also have a nice keepsake from the party

Do you also want your own Piñata on your birthday?

That is possible, send me a message with your suggestion. Please take into account about 7 days waiting time due to the multiple drying time of the Piñata.

Up to 30 cm from 30 euros
Up to 60 cm from 60 euros





how do you make a Piñata??


  • water
  • flour with a pinch of salt
  • newspaper
  • XL balloon
  • white paper sheets and or paint
  • crepe paper


First you start by cutting the newspaper into strips. In this video I used 8 newspapers. How many newspapers do you need??, depends on the Piñata you want to make and you will also apply layers. When the strips run out squeeze more newspaper.

In this video I show you how to make the mix for attaching the newspaper strings. Wallpaper glue is also used and that is also a good idea. Only you won't break your Piñata. The wallpaper glue becomes so hard, and with this mix it also becomes hard, but you can break it.

How do you make minnie mouse Piñata?

These are pictures of another Minnie Mouse Piñata. This is made differently than the one above in the video. This Piñata I made the bow of two heart-shaped balloons tied together. This Piñata also has no flat ears, but filled ones.

How do you make a hello kitty Piñata?

Other Pinatas

Mario Bros Coin box 

Barcelona  Piñata


Diy valentine heart

Genderreveal Piñata 

How to Make a Gender Reveal Piñata? Watch the video below

🌧️ Piñata 

How do you make a cloud piñata? Watch the video below

Beanos Piñata

Ik vroeg aan de jongste zoontje,, wat voor thema wil je dit jaar. Hij zegt beanos,, ik dacht huhhh Beanosss. Helaas geen feestartikelen van beanos te koop in de winkel. Ik moet het maar zelf maken. 

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